He Yafei, delivered the Efforts of the IMTA in 2019 and the Key Work for 2020

time:2019-11-15 19:21 author:王纯娣

Dear Mr. Edmund Ho, dear Chairman Mr.Dominique de Villepin, dear Vice Governor, Mr.Lu Yongzheng, dear Vice chairman Mr.Shao Qiwei, dear Secretary- General Ms Pansy Ho, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, good morning.

Yesterday, the Council Meeting of IMTA has gone through four topics with the host Mr. Dominique de Villepin.

1. Reviewed the Efforts of the IMTA in 2019 and the Key Work for 2020;

2. Reported the information about the first International Mountain Tourism Day;

3. Discussed the considerations for establishing the Expert Committee of IMTA;

4. Reviewed and approved 13 new member applicants for the IMTA.

First I would like to report the Efforts of the IMTA in 2019 and the Key Work for 2020.

There are four points about our efforts in 2019.

First, we have successfully held the first “International Mountain Tourism Day event. Last year at 2018 Annual Conference of IMTA, we proposed the idea of establishing"International Mountain Tourism Day". On May 29 this year, with the assistance of Nepal Tourism and Travel Association, the International Mountain Tourism Alliance, together with Nepal Tourism Board and Guizhou Provincial People’s Government, held the first "International Mountain Tourism Day"Launching Ceremony and Mountain Tourism International Forum (Nepal) in Kathmandu.

Second is to serve the members. Serving members is one of the priorities for the IMTASecretariat.. First is the construction of communication system. The Secretariat has been improving the construction of news communication system such as Chinese and English website, Wechat account and the Weibo account etc. We have promoted and released a number of member topics, articles and reports.

Second is the new facilitate collaboration among members.Secretariat actively contacted members to promote cooperation projects including shooting in Guizhou by NHK TV, XCITY and the Silk Road Mountain Bike Park project, etc.

Third, the academic research has achieved the primary results through almost one year's work. The Report on World Mountain Tourism Development Tendency has achieved phased results, and formed the first draft on the basis of field research and sampling, data collection and analysis, sorting and demonstration.

Fourth, we have made many preparations to establish Expert Committee of the IMTA. To facilitate the sustainable development of world mountain tourism and to provide intelligence support to the IMTA, IMTA is considering establishing expert committee at the appropriate time.

The second part is the Key Work for 2020.

In 2020, IMTA will keep focus on serving members and strengthening platform construction, improving the professional and international level of IMTA, and providing members with various services such as industry information, exchange and cooperation, and platform integration.

Again, four points that I want to emphasize.

1. First, we're going to do a better job to improve and increase connectivity between IMTA in particular with our members. We will do our best to improve connectivity among members by organizing forums, meetings or visits to our members. And we will continue to improve our construction of communication system to promote membership services and IMTA activities.

2. Second, we are going to organize the second May 29 International Mountain Tourism Day. As I said, the first one was done in Nepal, this year we are seriously consider to have the International Mountain Tourism Day in China,in one of the provinces, municipalities or cities closely related to famous mountains.

3. Third, we're going to plan and execute the activity - 2020 Dialogue among Famous Mountains in the World. We will select famous mountains in China as the theme, hold the "China Famous Mountains Dialogue" and invite representatives and experts from mountain tourism destination worldwide.

4. Fourth, carry out subject research, training and exploration of mountain tourism, and provide theoretical guidance, resource evaluation and professional training services for members.

Thank you very much.


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