1.The Alliance provides professional services and builds a platform of dialogue, exchanges and cooperation for all members, and promotes business cooperation and experience sharing among members;

2.The Alliance establishes the mutually beneficial mechanism among tourism markets of members, conducts tourism marketing and promotional activities, and promotes resource sharing and cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary cooperation;

3.The Alliance promotes reasonable flow of mountain tourism resources as well as capital and human resources, exchanges tourism-oriented experiences in the field of mountain resources management, and improves the tourism service capabilities and level of members;

4.The Alliance sets up a high-level tourism economy research and consultancy institution, and provides business training and certification services, intelligent support and consultancy services to tourism developers;

5.The Alliance will fully mobilize and leverage the resources, wisdom, ability and initiative of its members in keeping with the established goals of development, conduct research on the theories of mountain tourism development, and promote the sharing of experience in the development of mountain tourism; establish reciprocal tourism markets among members, and promote the sharing of resources, capital, market and talents across industries; exchange experience in the tourism management of mountain resources, and improve the ability and performance of member services; organize mountain tourism-related professional activities such as exhibitions, forums and outdoor sports programs; set up high-level research and consulting agencies on tourism economy, conduct tourism business training and certification, and provide intellectual support and advisory services for tourism development; organize tourism market surveys and outlook index forecasts, and publish information on comprehensive or specific mountain tourism indicators; promote mountain tourism-related international standards, build information database of mountain tourism resources, and provide information services to tourism operators.