Anyone applying for the membership of the Alliance shall fulfill the following conditions:

1.Uphold the Statute of the Alliance;

2.Have the intention to join the Alliance;

3.An institutional member shall be an organization that has the capacity for civil rights and civil conduct, independently enjoys civil rights and bears civil liabilities in accordance with law. A personal member shall be a natural person who is aged 18 or older and has the full capacity for civil conduct and independent civil activities;

4.Have certain influence in the international mountain tourism sector.

Membership Application Procedures

1.Submit a written membership application to the Secretariat of the Alliance;

2.The Council of the Alliance reviews the application;

3.The Alliance issues the membership card.

Members’ Obligations

1. Abide by the Statute of the Alliance and resolutions of the General Assembly and the Council;

2. Attend the General Assembly meetings and relevant activities of the Alliance;

3. Safeguard legitimate rights and interests of the Alliance;

4. Pay the membership fee pursuant to relevant provisions of the Alliance;

5. Provide authentic, reliable data and information to the Alliance;

6. Other related obligations prescribed by the Alliance.