According to report of the World Tourism Organization, mountain tourism  plays an important role in the global tourism development as its share in the world tourism market totals 20%. The International Mountain Tourism Alliance (IMTA) sponsored by China is the first mountain tourism themed international organization. Covering about 1000 square meters, its headquarters and Secretariat are located in the Central Eco-Park inside Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone, Guiyang National Airport Economic Demonstration area, 2.5 km away from the airport, and enjoys large convenience. On the east near the airport lies a comprehensive airport-oriented modern service area. Within 1km, 4A-class scenic spots exist like Colorful Guizhou City, VR-themed Park Guizhou Oriental Science Fiction Valley and Colorful Guizhou Scenic Eye Culture Garden. Besides the perfect commercial facilities around just tally with the attributes and orientations of the IMTA.

Guizhou Shuanglong Airport Economic Zone was established in October 17, 2014. The planning and construction of the space development pattern of "one core and four areas, double ring and green network", the construction of the important gateway to the opening of the western inland area, the southwest airline and freight transport hub, the characteristic high-end industrial base, and the intelligent ecological environment in the new area.

In 2016, Secretary Chen Min'er proposed to accelerate the development of the region as a "scenic eye" and a distributing center for Guizhou's global tourism. The goal of the "airport with the park, the park with the airport" is to be suitable.

The project is adjacent to Longteng Road in the East, Maanshan Avenue in the West, Central Park and Yuliang River in the North, and the base is convenient for transportation and has a clear view of the landscape. It has has a remarkable plasticity.

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