Come on, show off the "Spring in Your Mobile Phone"

time:2023-03-15 16:53 author:IMTA

What should spring look like? It is melting glaciers, flowing streams, breaking grass, blooming cherry blossoms, singing kingfisher...... When visitors stop in the spring breeze, petals dance with the wind, when the green spread mountains, cherry all over the mountains plum, pick up the mobile phone, freeze this moment.

In order to fully tap the new highlights of spring mountain tourism and show the charm of spring mountain travel, the official Wechat Weibo and Website of International Mountain Tourism Alliance will take "Spring in Your Mobile Phone" as the theme to collect high-quality spring photography works for Internet users, tourism experts and photography lovers who love mountain tourism around the world.


Participation Ways

From now until April 10, netizens can participate in the activity through the official website of the International Mountain Tourism Alliance, wechat official account, Sina Weibo and other platforms.

Wechat: Upload the picture, picture name and copyright description directly in the official wechat menu bar dialog box of International Mountain Tourism Federation, and provide the contact information.

Weibo: Post pictures on Sina Weibo and the official account of @国际山地旅游联盟, or directly send the works to the background of Weibo via private email.

Official Website: the official website of the International Mountain Tourism Alliance (in both Chinese and English) will be placed at the top of the collection of information, users can send pictures and related materials to


Work Requirement

The submitted works should be related to spring flower appreciation, outing, pastoral, picking, tea garden, etc., highlighting the theme of mountain tourism. The format should be JPG or PNG and no less than 2MB. In addition, the submitted works must attach the picture title, text description, copyright description and contact information, etc.


Publicity Display

Works and materials submitted by netizens will be displayed at each end of the official Wechat Weibo and Website of International Mountain Tourism Alliance. In addition, the activity will set up a "like" channel on the wechat terminal of the alliance. The top 20 excellent works can be published and promoted on the official website of the International Mountain Tourism Alliance, Weibo, Douyin account, video account and wechat public platform, and will also be reprinted and reported by the mainstream media such as (news website).

Winners of excellent works will receive a souvenir (including International Mountain Tourism Alliance handbag, First Day Cover of International Mountain Tourism Day) or a set of Guizhou premium scenic spot tickets. At the same time, excellent works will have the opportunity to be selected in the International Mountain Tourism Union held various exhibitions.

Spring doesn't have to be early, you and the story of spring. Come and show the photos of spring that you are reluctant to delete in your mobile phone, share the unique vitality and flowers of spring, and show the charm of photography and spring.

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