Create a better future for mountain tourism——Initiative at the 2nd IMTA General Assembly

time:2023-02-14 16:49 author:IMTA

After three years of lockdown due to the COVID-19, we are finally about to embrace the dawn of tourism. The year 2023 will reshape the world tourism and witness the rise of mountain tourism. The tourism sector has never in such need of our cooperation, solidarity, expertise and wisdom, so we must welcome new opportunities and challenges with a lofty ideal, a firm belief, and pragmatic methods. IMTA, as an indispensable part of the reconstruction of the world governance system for mountain tourism, shoulders the great responsibility of promoting its revitalization and sustainable development. Therefore, at the 2nd IMTA General Assembly, we must pool our strength and wisdom to embrace future tendency and seek further development. We hereby make the following initiative to every practitioner in the mountain tourism sector:

First, holding on to the bottom line of sustainable development. In the post-COVID world, mountain tourism is still in the ascendant and under the huge influence of changes in people’s attitude of health and life, and safety, health and eco-tourism goods will be tourists’ top choices. So, we must stick to the path of ecological conversation and sustainable development, integrate the concept of “protecting mountain resources, preserving mountain civilization, and promoting mountain economy to the benefit of the people living in mountainous regions” into all aspects of mountain tourism. In doing so, we can make men and nature co-exist harmoniously, and generate economic benefits for tourists, the public, and the broader society.

Second, grasping the new opportunity of reshaping the tourism market. We propose to probe into the features and trend of mountain tourism, adapt to the changes and patterns, prepare policies for market restart, and offer forward-looking and pragmatic guidance on professional theories and patterns for decision-makers, proprietors and consumers. We should also give full play to the resources of different areas to supply mountain tourism goods that meet the new consumer needs. We must take the lead in creating mountain outdoor lifestyles oriented by health and leisure, promote the transformation, upgrade and integration of traditional business patterns, motivate investment and cooperation, and work hand in hand in opening up the market.

Third, building a new mechanism for communication and cooperation. We ought to proactively stimulate exchange and communication in the tourism sector, find practical cooperation mechanisms, create an innovative platform for discussion and construction. In addition, by carrying out “IMTA Annual Conference and Forum,” “International Mountain Tourism Day,” “Dialogue among Famous Mountains in the World” and regional promotion activities, we can build a leading and attractive mechanism of international cooperation and sharing, enhance bilingual and multilingual cooperation to bridge one another, expand the business scope of mountain tourism, and eventually build a community with a shared future for mountain tourism.

Last, making theoretical innovations and implement achievements of mountain tourism. Oriented by the purposes of IMTA, we must pool the wisdom and strength of the tourism sector, attract all our members to participate in theoretical and technical research, so as to consolidate our achievements, set more comprehensive professional standards, and combine theories with practices to achieve sustainable and healthy development of mountain tourism. Ideological guidance is also critical. For that, we call on talents and organizations with such lofty ideal to join us and be the bellwether and instructor with technology empowerment, to jointly build a technology index system and implement achievements, and contribute to the high-quality development of international mountain tourism.

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