The United Nations has designated February 17 as Global Tourism Resilience Day

time:2023-02-20 14:48 author:China Tourism News

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted a resolution designating 17 February each year as the Global Day for Tourism Resilience and calls on all countries, organizations and individuals to organize activities on 17 February each year to make the public aware of the importance of sustainable tourism.

The UN will hold further high-level thematic events on tourism to maximize the role of tourism in promoting sustainable development.

According to reports, the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly clearly states that tourism plays a positive role in promoting economic growth, social development and financial inclusion, and contributes to environmental protection, biodiversity preservation and poverty and hunger eradication. At the same time, the tourism industry is vulnerable, so it needs to develop a resilient tourism industry to cope with various shocks.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, said tourism should create more quality jobs, while profits from tourism should boost local economic and social development. Governments, businesses and tourists should work together to achieve the sustainable development Goals of the tourism industry by building a green and sustainable tourism industry and adopting a zero-emission approach to reduce energy consumption from tourism and protect biodiversity.

In addition, the latest figures released by the World Tourism Organization show that the total number of international tourist arrivals in 2022 has doubled from 2021 to 900 million, returning to 63% of the pre-pandemic level. Total international tourist arrivals are expected to return to 80 to 95 percent of pre-pandemic levels by 2023.

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