Wetland keeps Shanxi county humid in spring

time:2023-03-30 17:23 author:CGTN

As the mercury keeps climbing in spring, Hongtong Fenhe National Wetland Park in Hongtong County of north China's Shanxi Province serves as a natural humidifier for the whole county.

Hongtong Fenhe National Wetland Park in Hongtong County, Shanxi. /CFP

Lakes and other waterways occupy roughly one-sixth of the 1,295-hectare (3,200-acre). When river water evaporates, it offers enough humidity to provide relief for the entire county despite the arid conditions in north China.

Flocks of migratory swans find a temporary home at Hongtong Fenhe National Wetland Park. /CFP

Thanks to the mild weather and sufficient food supply, flocks of migratory swans choose to settle in the park in winter. Black storks, white spoonbills and dalmatian pelicans also find it a useful layover spot.

The Hongtong Fenhe National Wetland Park offers an enchanting environment for birdwatching. /CFP

The park is home to 555 species of plants and 164 different kinds of animals. Locals can enjoy the views of spring and summer blossoms, pick fruit in autumn, watch various birds from the observation platforms and get some exercise courtesy of professional cycling paths all year-round.

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