• In the 68th Academy Awards, Best Picture — Brave Heart, the Scottish uprising leader William Wallace led the Highlands to fight against the cruel English rulers unrelentingly. The scene he shouted "Freedom" in the tragic Scottish flute shocked fans all over the world. In the film, the pathetic and touching Scottish flute, the misty land, the unique ethnic customs, the magnificent mountains and so on, together describe a beautiful Scottish Highlands. In the activity Dialogue among Famous Mountains in the world held at the 2018 International Mountain Tourism Alliance Annual Meeting, CEO of Cairngorms National Park Mark Andrew Tate introduced us the largest national park in the UK - Cairngorms National Park located in the Scottish Highlands. Now, he will lead us to experience the elegance of the Cairngorms.

  • Welcome to Cairngorms National Park. Founded in 2003, Cairngorms National Park is the largest national park in the UK. As part of the Grampian Mountains, Cairngorms National Park is one of the three largest mountains in Scotland with a core of the Cairngorm Mountains and the Sub-Arctic Plateau.

    The Cairngorm National Park is the highest peak in the UK, with an area of 1,750 square miles (4,500 square kilometers) covers forest, river, lake, and various wild animals such as red squirrels, reindeer, eagle and wild cats.



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On October 16, 2018, the Friendly Cooperation Meeting between Guizhou Xingyi National Geological Park and Cairngorms National Park was held and it announced that Cairngorms and Xingyi became sister parks. The two parks will learn from each other's experience in tourism development, send tourists to each other through tourism promotion, strengthen experience exchange and practical cooperation in geological heritage protection and geological tourism, and set up special funds to promote media exchanges and specialists visits.

    Why do Cairngorms and XingYi become sister parks? Because they have much in common, they are both:
  • Beautiful mountain regions of significant importance for landscapes and nature
  • Home to strong and proud mountain communities
  • Places where people and nature thrive together
  • Home to spectacular rivers and lakes.
  • Great place for adventure sports
  • Economies dominated by mountain tourism

As the sister park of Cairngorms in China, Xingyi National Geological Park in Guizhou covers a total area of 1456.10 square kilometers including Maling River Canyon, Wanfeng Lake, Nidang stone forest park, the East Peak scenic spot, the West Peak scenic spot, Dingxiao Keichousaurus scenic spot, Wusha Keichousaurus scenic spot and slope karst ecological reserve etc. Nidang Stone Forest Park is mainly Triassic stone forest geomorphologic landscape; Wusha Keichousaurus scenic spot contains the Triassic geological fossil and the Triassic mountain forest park including Maling River Canyon, Dingxiao Keichousaurus, Wanfeng Forest scenic spot (the East Peak and the West Peak) and Wanfeng River.

Xingyi National Geological Park in Guizhou is the most typical conical karst area in China with the most extensive distribution area. It is characterized by the combination of peak valleys, peak clusters, peak forests, stone forests, hill peak karst, travertine waterfalls, karst doline, caves, waterfalls and springs, forming a magical and charming natural landscape. The mountains and rivers in Xingyi are beautiful and scenic. The main landscapes are the peaks, canyons and waterfalls developed in the Triassic rocks, and the rare Triassic Keichousaurus fauna and the large-scale of Triassic geological relics, which made Xingyi the geological holy sites for the world to recognize and appreciate the Triassic.