Keynote Speech

  • IMTA Chairman and former Prime Minister of France

  • IMTA Vice Chairman and former Chairman of the China National Tourism Administration

  • IMTA Secretary General and former Vice Foreign Minister

  • President & CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)

  • President of China Tourism Academy

  • Chief Expert of World Tourism Cities Federation(WTCF)

  • Co-founder & Chairman of Group

  • SVP of Group

Online Forum

  • Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

  • CEO of the European Tourism Association (ETOA)

  • Vice president of the Departmental Council of Savoie, France

  • Former director for Sustainable Development of Tourism at the UNWTO and former director general for Tourism within the Chilean Government

  • Chairman of Beijing Tourism Group

  • Deputy Director General of Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

  • CEO of TripAdvisor China

  • Head of the China Project from the Center for Land Research (CLR) of Trier University of Applied Sciences

  • CEO of

Report Release

  • Jointly released by IMTA, IRDTM, Group and TripAdvisor, Report on World Mountain Tourism Development Tendency(2019) is the first of its kind focusing on the development trends of mountain tourism across the globe. The report elaborates on the relevant definition of mountain tourism and the sketch of consumer groups, integrates the data of mountain tourism destinations and tourism service platforms around the world. Through a large number of cases and data analysis, the report calculates the tourist volume and total tourism revenue of the world's mountain tourism market in 2019 to provide guidance for the future development trend of mountain tourism and provide an authoritative reference for the industry.


529 International Mountain Tourism Day Commemorative Envelope and Stamp



  • International Mountain Tourism Alliance
  • Group


  • World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC)
  • Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)
  • European Tourism Association (ETOA)
  • World Tourism Alliance (WTA)
  • World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF)
  • Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF)
  • Internationale Organisation Für VOLKSKUNST (IOV)
  • Korea-China Asoociation for Cultural Exchange
  • China Tourism Academy
  • Beijing Tourism Group
  • Guizhou Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Development Committee of Culture and Tourism of Nanchuan District, Chongqing
  • TripAdvisor(China)