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2022 IMTD | the "2022 International Mountain Tourism Day" theme event is about to kick off online

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2022 IMTD has opened online participation channels

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Main Activity

This activity focuses on three major contents, and fully displays the theme and characteristics of the "mountain tourism promotes healthy life and cultural exchange", that is, mountain tourism is the engine of post-pandemic tourism reshaping, the bridge of leading to healthy life, and the bond of connecting civilization exchanges.
Venue: Online Broadcast Room
language: Chinese-English bilingual
Broadcast platform: CULTURE&TOURISM APP, CULTURE&TOURISM official Weibo,, Xinhuanet, Tencent, Baidu and other domestic broadcasting platforms, Facebook, YouTube and other international social media platforms synchronously broadcasting

Off-line Activities

Venue: IMTA Headquarters and other related site
Content: The mountain life consumption exhibition includes new consumption of mountain fast fashion life, new retail of mountain tourism, lifestyle of mountain tourism, and fashion consumption exhibition of mountain camping. For new consumer groups, promoting the unique advantages of mountain tourism culture and tourism resources, as well as various related business formats.

Venue: IMTA Headquarters
Content: "8·9·00 Concept Meeting" is aimed to young tourism consumers. Through the Salon forum of mountain tourism life industry, it will center on the discussion and promotion of the mountain tourism industry trend, cooperation in cultural and tourism formats, exhibition of young mountain tourism consumption in Guizhou and sharing of guests on mountain life.

Venue: Floor 1, North Tower of IMTA Headquarters

Content: Collect photographs about cultures and landscapes related to Jiabang Terrace, to promote for the future opening of Jiabang Terrace scenic area, and advertise for the premium tourism resources in Guizhou

It will carry out hiking, river tracing, caving, camping and other mountain outdoor activities in Guizhou to assist the recovery and industrial development of Guizhou tourism.

“It seems attractive to everyone, Jiabang Terraced Fields”
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